World Smile Day

Do you have dental benefits through your employer or an insurance company? If so, time may be running out for you to use your 2023 benefits. Most dental insurances allow so many dollars per calendar year, and any dollars that are not utilized are lost. Most dental benefit plans do not roll unused benefits into the new year, which means current benefits will expire on December 31 - it’s best to check the status of your benefits with your insurance company.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Benefits

Schedule a preventative visit today. Most dental plans pay 100% of your preventive care, including two routine exams and cleanings per year. So if you haven’t had an exam / cleaning in the past 6 months, schedule an appointment before the end of the year.

Start thinking about using your coverage early in the year. In the summer or fall, talk to your dentist about what treatments you might need before the end of the year. Then make those appointments at that time so you can be sure to take advantage of your benefits before they expire.

If your dentist has diagnosed treatment needed, but you haven’t scheduled it yet, contact us to discuss options to maximize your benefits to help cover the cost of your treatment.

Time is Running Out!

Our staff can help you look into what services your benefits cover and determine the best, most affordable options to cover all your dental needs. Give us a call today so you can use your benefits before you lose them!